A few years ago, I fell in love with baking - pretty much anything. But if I'm being completely honest, my greatest influence was Max from 2 Broke Girls. That episode when she made Beer-battered Maple Bacon cupcakes made me fall in love with baking cupcakes. And with luck and tons of practice, I actually happen to be good at it.

Fast forward to 8 weeks ago, I finally took the plunge and started my (home-based) business! Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to Cupcake Babe!

I am beyond excited to what this year has to offer me and my business. It's been wonderful so far and I know that it will only get better - not completely smooth and perfect but it will definitely be better.

Cupcake Babe has officially launched so if you happen to be in Toronto, contact me at cupcakebabecupcakes@gmail.com and let me impress you with my unique and made-with-love cupcakes!

Wish me luck!!



Probably my most favourite brand (or one of the) ever is Mango: very classy, chic and minimalist. To me, it really defines less is more.

I am currently daydreaming of this ensemble. Layer the cardigan over the denim shirt, making the leather-looking jeans and ankle boots more girly and subtle. And the gray coat, definitely to put the whole look together for the colder weather. Ohh, I'm very, very, very tempted to add numbers next to that purse icon on the top right hand side of the page.

(1) Button Wool-blend Coat; (2) Polka Dot Tencel Shirt; (3) Cable-Knit Cotton Cardigan ; (4) Skinny-Fit Motor Jeans; (5) Suede Chelsea Ankle Boots

All from Mango.



So here's another attempt to fulfill my goal of becoming a style blogger; this time I've done my research. And two things that I lacked before that I have written down as my top priorities this year: commitment and consistency.

Let's see how this year goes.


What got me back to try again (and hopefully succeed) in my journey to accomplish my goal for this blog are my style inspirations. I've always believed that fashion should be timeless and classic, and Olivia Palermo, Carmen Hamilton of The Chronicles of Her, and Lauren Conrad are my top choices as my style inspiration.

Timeless and classic.